Jun 24, 2011

City2Surf Guide Dogs Puppy Challenge

So waking up at the crack of dawn to go on a 14 km run on a cold August morning may not appeal to most people. Especially when the annoying beeping of your alarm goes off that morning.
But, once you get past that 'I'm awake' stage, participating in the annual City2Surf can actually be quite fun! I took part last year and while I have to admit I took the challenge on a whim and did absolutely no training and couldn't walk for about 2 days after the event, I found it really rewarding. The part I enjoyed the most was fundraising for a charity of your choice. Last year I raised over $150, which considering my lack of training was a huge ask of my friends and family.

Guide Dogs NSW and ACT have come up with a plan to raise up to $50 000 to recruit 50 new guide dog pups. The non-government funded charity has enlisted celebrities such as Kerri-Anne Kennerley, The Two Fat Tradies from The Block and Israel Folau from the GWS GIANTS AFL team to pep talk all of us to firstly take part in the City2Surf and secondly to choose Guide Dogs NSW and ACT as our charity to fundraise for, and when you look at the cute pups and know that they are going to give so much independence to a vision impaired person, the choice is easy.

If you aren’t entering the City2Surf, you can visit the Puppy Challenge fundraising page
here – www.fundraise.city2surf.com.au/GuideDogsPuppyChallenge

Or you can even donate to some of the noted Guide Dogs Puppy Challenge runners here:
Mitchell Smith, guide dog user from Coogee
Martin Z’Graggen, guide dog user from Eastwood
Leonie Wolff, guide dog user from Matraville
Heike Fabig, who's young daughter Billie has cerebral palsy and is benefiting
from having Jenna, a Pets As Therapy dog for companionship

Written By: Alexandra Lazcano

Mar 24, 2011

Is now the time to adopt a dog?

Hi there dog lovers,

If you've ever considered adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue organisation, now could be the perfect time. The Animal Welfare League's New South Wales shelters are currently full to bursting, with more than 180 dogs and puppies desperately looking for their forever homes.

"AWL has been taking in surrendered, abandoned and neglected animals for over 50 years, however we are now stretched to capacity and may have to start turning animals away," says AWL CEO Maryann Dalton. "We are appealing to the community to consider adopting a pet from one of our shelters to help us help them."

Unfortunately, AWL's predicament reflects the struggles faced by rescue organisations all over Australia - so if you don't live in NSW, there are plenty of dogs in your state looking for someone to love. Pets are surrendered for a range of reasons, including unwanted pregnancies, lack of pet-friendly rental accommodation, family members who develop allergies and, sadly, owners who can't afford to properly care for their pets.

Of course, a pet is for life and AWL doesn't want prospective owners to make snap decisions - you need to give adoption considerable thought and know that you have the time and commitment to bring a new pet into your home.

The AWL's plucky resident pooches - along with more than 140 cats and kittens - can be viewed at its Ingleside (11 Cicada Glen Rd) and Kemps Creek (1605 Elizabeth Drive) shelters. You can also view the animals online.

If you've adopted a dog, post a comment and let us know what makes your four-legged friend so fantastic!


Feb 3, 2011

Nice to meet you!

Hello dog lovers!

Oops, I'm afraid I've been a bit tardy about introducing myself: I'm Laura, and I've recently become the new Editor of Dogs Life magazine.

I'm not the only one making introductions around here at the moment. I've recently expanded my 'fur family' with the addition of a 12-week-old puppy called Delilah. She's a real character and absolutely gorgeous - the trouble is, my three-year-old male dog, Tex, doesn't seem to agree! He's been a bit grouchy towards his new little sister and I'm currently on the lookout for ways to restore harmony to our home.

I'd love to hear about your experiences of introducing a new pup to your resident adult dog. How did you ensure your four-legged friends became best pals?!