Feb 3, 2011

Nice to meet you!

Hello dog lovers!

Oops, I'm afraid I've been a bit tardy about introducing myself: I'm Laura, and I've recently become the new Editor of Dogs Life magazine.

I'm not the only one making introductions around here at the moment. I've recently expanded my 'fur family' with the addition of a 12-week-old puppy called Delilah. She's a real character and absolutely gorgeous - the trouble is, my three-year-old male dog, Tex, doesn't seem to agree! He's been a bit grouchy towards his new little sister and I'm currently on the lookout for ways to restore harmony to our home.

I'd love to hear about your experiences of introducing a new pup to your resident adult dog. How did you ensure your four-legged friends became best pals?!


Andrew P said...

Hi Laura,

I'm not a dog behaviourist, but some things you can try are
1) D.A.P. (Dog appeasing pheromone) is an analogue of "happy dog smell" and can help them relax.
2) find things that they both like to do, and do them with both, so they associate the fun with having the other one around
3) give Tex extra loving.
4) Reward him for good behaviour around Delilah.
5) Make sure that you are relaxed about them. If you are boss, then Tex should fall into line. You can growl at him if he's misbehaving, but back it up with rewards for good behaviour.

Anyhow, that's what I'd do, but I'm really just a newbie dog owner who hangs out with some trainers.
I'm sure some behaviourists will have more specific suggestions.

Laura Greaves said...

Thanks so much for your suggestions, Andrew. I found a great DAP collar that really seems to be helping and, along with lavishing Tex with attention and spending lots of time playing with both dogs on 'neutral territory', they seem to be well on the way to becoming firm friends!

Sue Dosett said...

Already having a 7 year old maltese, over Christmas we have taken in a new puppy due to the elderly owner not being able to look after it.For the first few weeks I wondered if they were ever going to get along as Molly was set in her ways and was never in the mood for playing with Billy. We always made sure Molly knew she was still number one and always let her in the door first, fed her first and patted her first. Its been around 10 weeks now and Molly will play with Billy(though only when SHE wants)and they even sleep next to each other, sometimes squashing in the one basket.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

My name is Caitie and introducing new dogs to the family can be difficult but make sure you are paitent and persistent. You could start by saying no when Delilah jumps at Tex or try and distract her with a treat or somthing. You could try playing with them both (fetch) tuggle war those sort of things to bring them closer as friends. Make sure you give them both the same amount of attention. feed them both at the same time. Those sort of things so neither of them feel left out. If they are inside dogs when you are on the lounge you get them a bed to share just small things to start with. But remember she will grow out of her play soon.

Goodluck Caitie

Anonymous said...

hi Laura,

I totally understand we have 2 dogs, Astro and Maisy. Astro was our guard dog he loved all the attention. Then we got Maisy Asty didn't want a thing to do with her. It took a month for them to start accepting each other and even though Maisy was taken from a property by the RSPCA. We picked her up she had been starved and the size of your palm covered in fleas infected ears a total mess. but now she is a healthy Chiaua cross mini foxy. Astro is a Jack russel cross Shitsue. Now when we take them apart they WHINE from hating each other to brother and sister.

From Cait

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