Oct 27, 2007

Dogs and dirty diapers don't mix

It’s hard enough to raise kids; it’s even harder to raise kids and dogs! Especially when you have a three-year-old with diarrhoea and a Doberman who likes to stick his nose into everything – you get the picture?

I know it’s a yucky subject, but that’s reality in my house. And I got a big dose of it last week when I forgot a heavily-soiled diaper in the bathroom and found it shredded generously all over the bedroom carpet, hubby’s side of the bed.

A lot of very bad thoughts went through my mind as I stared down at my four-legged culprit, who realised quickly that Mummy wasn’t happy. Mummy was furious. Mummy wanted to cry. And – to my husband’s surprise later that evening when I told him my tale of ‘stinking’ horror – what I ended up doing was not to put my dog up for adoption, but to go through backissues of Dogs Life magazines for cleaning products and advice, and then the garage in search of the miracle cleaning product.

The bedroom carpet is clean now and the smell is gone. I know it’s only a matter of time before I discover another mess. As long as it’s not on my side of the bed!

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