Nov 8, 2007

Dancing with Danes

Have you ever wondered what Dogs Life writers get up to when they are not writing a doggy story?

Our New Zealand writer, Hsin-Yi Cohen, has been dancing with her adorable Great Dane, Honey. The pair have been doing Heelwork to music and they recently entered the National Dog Training Championships in New Zealand.

Hsin-Yi and Honey were competing against dogs from all over the country. And, we would like to congratulate the duo for being awarded . . . FIRST PLACE!

It seems Honey’s win shocked everyone at the show, including Hsin-Yi, because advanced dog training like this is usually dominated by fast, clever, agile breeds like Border Collies. Hsin-Yi told us no one ever does things like this with slow, clumsy, giant breeds like Great Danes! She was as shocked as everybody else when they announced their name as the winner.

Who said Great Danes aren’t graceful?

Check out a video of Hsin-Yi and Honey’s dance routine here.

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