Dec 20, 2007

Dogs & Relationships

Dogs have a great sense of smell, but I think they can also sniff out a great guy from all the ones who stand at the doorway of your home, ready to take you on a date.

I remember when I was at uni, I briefly went out with a guy who turned out to be a total loser. I wish I had listened to my dog at the time. Rex was a German Shepherd with the most beautiful temperament, always welcoming our guests with a friendly wagging tail, sniff and a lick... until he met this guy. Rex did not like him at all. So much so that he actually growled - perhaps the first time ever?! It took him five seconds to figure out this guy was not for me. I apologised and took Rex away. The guy responded 'I don't like dogs.' (Hmmm... alarm bells should have been ringing then! What was wrong with me?!!)

Perhaps you can help. Dogs Life is doing research for a story about how dogs can be a great judge of character, including helping you find your perfect mate. If you have a dog and are in a relationship or considering a new relationship, and would like to be a part of the story, please contact me.

You never know - we might save you some heartache or find you the man of your dreams! Email


Enigma said...

Caroline, I agree – but women in general often cannot see the signs anyway until it’s too late ;)
I honestly believe that dog’s are a good judge of character – I’ve often distinguished between good friends and relatives based on how my Doberman’s react to their presence. But lets take it the next level and wonder if job seekers were able take their dogs to interviews to decipher between those potential employers who are people friendly, people conscious and above all else emotionally intelligent, to those who are simply clueless – dogs would be doing employers a service in reducing employee turnover.

This is no more far-fetched and unbelievable than what some employers do to their employees nowadays anyway.

Caroline - Editor said...

Hi Enigma,
I have Dobermanns too. One of them is a social butterfly - no matter who comes to the door! The other one is suspicious of everyone due to his protective nature. Perhaps we should consider the breed when considering a dog's skills to judge character. If I wasn't married and relied on my Dobie, Chase, to find me a good date, I think I'd be single forever!
As for your idea about taking dogs to job interviews - interesting idea; a friendly wagging tail might actually be a great ice-breaker. Well, unless your dog then pees on the boss' leg. That should end the meeting there!

Anonymous said...

i have been with my bf for a while so we have raised our dogs together but i have a little cattle x who is an excellant judge of characted he has nipped the shoes of most of my bfs annoying friends but always lets his brother and sister and their kids into the yard with out a fuss. I dont know if its just because he knows i dont like them or if he has the same taste as me

Anonymous said...

My sister had a cat that seemed to love people with a mean streak. Like her boyfriend who turned out not to be a nice guy and a cheater.

Anonymous said...

I guess dogs are just a better judge of character