Jan 4, 2008

Happy Xmas For Tuppy

One of our Dogs Life writers, Sue Moses, sent me a lovely email with pictures of her three lovable canines playing with their Christmas toys and ripping up wrapping paper from their pressies in little bits all over the floor.

There is 13-year-old Ally, a Foxie x Jack Russell (nicknamed wolf mother!), eight-month-old Strauchanie, a Jack Russell x Chihuahua stray that Sue found wandering in the bush, and Tuppy, a 10-year-old Jack Russell rescued from a very sad situation where she had been kept in a filthy pen for four years and never socialised.
But take a look at Tuppy today -- so happy in her loving new home. It seems she loves dress-up and wears her Santa hat all day. She looks so happy after feasting on a big holiday lunch with roast chicken, pork with all the trimmings and her favourite liver treats and homemade xmas cookies.

After eating all that yummy food, perhaps we should change her name to 'Tubby'? :)

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