Mar 5, 2008

Dobermann Wardog Memorial

The current March/April 2008 edition of Dogs Life has a breed feature on the Dobermann in which it states that the breed is the US Marine's mascot. A reader, Wendy from Brisbane, left a voicemail last week saying the Bulldog is the US Marine's mascot, not the Dobermann.

After some research on the web, we read that at some point in time, both breeds played a vital role and are considered mascots by different units of the US Marines. But what started out as a quick research to make sure we got the right information out to readers, turned into an emotional journey that taught me something new about the breed I love so much.

According to Wikipedia (what an awesome encyclo-website!), the Dobermann breed was used extensively by the US Marines in World War II, and 25 Marine war dogs died in the Battle of Guam in 1944. I found out there is a beautiful memorial in Guam in honour of these brave Dobermann Pinschers!

My heart goes out to these canines - they did not have a choice when they were led into the battlefield. But they still fought courageously and protected their soldiers at all costs. Our brave, strong dogs...


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