Apr 11, 2008

Help celebrate International Guide Dogs Day

Guide Dogs play a hugely important role in the community — they help the blind and vision impaired achieve safe and independent travel. International Guide Dog Day, coming up on Wednesday April 30, is a day where we can celebrate the work of these heroic dogs and learn more about the issues facing Guide Dog users.

Unfortunately a number of things can distract Guide Dogs while they are on the job. Guide Dogs Victoria has issued some tips to help Guide Dogs carry out their imperative work and keep their users safe.

Stewart Blair from Guide Dogs Victoria reminds dog owners to keep their dogs in a leash so they cannot approach working Guide Dogs. "Unrestrained dogs can distract Guide Dogs and endanger a vision impaired person's safety," he says.

Stewart also reminds us that Guide Dogs are legally allowed into all public places except for zoos and operating theatres. "It is a case of discrimination if a Guide Dog and its handler are refused access to any other public place including shops, restaurants, hotels and taxis," he says.

So, this International Guide Dog Day, remember these canine heroes and the fabulous work they do in our communities. For more information visit www.guidedogsaustralia.com and click on the link to your state Guide Dogs association.

Image courtesy of Guide Dogs Victoria www.guidedogsvictoria.com.au

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