Jun 24, 2008

Lucky Escape From Croc's Jaws!

G'day Dog Lovers,

Did anyone see the story in the news today about the dog who had a lucky escape from a 15ft crocodile? Two dogs were out hunting a feral pig with their owner up near Cape York, when their owner was attacked by a huge saltwater croc.

The man managed to beat off the croc with a palm frond, but it made a lunge for one of the dogs, Henry, and dragged the poor pooch into the lagoon. As the crocodile thrashed about in the water with the yelping Henry firmly trapped between its jaws, another man arrived on the scene and fired two shots into the water.

The croc let Henry go, and Henry slowly swam over to his owner to be pulled out of the lagoon. The poor fellow must have got the fright of his life and was lucky to escape with only a broken rib.

Has your dog ever had a lucky escape like Henry?

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