Jun 13, 2008

Pound Dog Day June 25

Hey dog lovers,

Just passing on some information from our new editor, Tim. He’ll be up and running on the Dog-a-Blog very soon. In the meantime, he wanted me to let you all know about Pound Dog Day.

Pound Dog Day will be commemorated each year on 25 June. The purpose of Pound Dog Day is to draw attention to the fact that an estimated 200,000 dogs are killed in pounds each year. Organised by Dogs Across Australia, the day is the time to celebrate the lives of the dogs that have been rescued by ‘No Kill’ shelters and those adopted from the pounds. Rescue Angels, the ordinary women and men of Australia who make rescue possible, are also honoured on June 25.

This year, Dogs Across Australia is inviting people to download Pound Dog Day labels from their website www.dogsacrossaustralia.com/pound_pop.php and print them as a sticker to wear on June 25. Some people will be making their own ribbons as well as spotted bandanas for their doggy friends.

Pound Dog Day 2008 is fast approaching, so be sure to spread the word.

1 comment:

Puppy One said...

Our family will be wearing three of the labels and my dogs a couple on their collars.

Pound Dog Day will be commemorated in our household on June 25.