Jun 24, 2008


Hello Dogs Life fans....

Well, it has been a frantic few weeks in the Dogs Life office, finishing off pages, researching, interviewing, photographing, writing, reading your letters, seeing the photographs you send us...all the things that go into making Dogs Life a joy for dog lovers.

My dog Tully is still just as mischievous as ever. At the moment we have to give her weekly injections to try and appease her arthritis. It's not too bad though, because she can't feel the needle (which is really lucky for us!).

Does anybody else find leaving your dog when you go on holiday an awful experience? We have had to book Tully into a kennel for a week and we are already dreading leaving her! She becomes so ecstatically happy when she sees us again, but then gives us the silent treatment for a while to let us know just how traumatic our leaving was.

Anyway dog lovers, keep the comments coming in because we love to hear what you think about anything and everything dogs!

Till next time.....

Millie Chandler
Editorial Assistant - Dogs Life

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