Jul 15, 2008

Problem Barkers

G'day Dog Lovers,

You might have heard in the news recently that Brisbane City Council is testing dog collars designed to identify problem barkers. This move came about after some 11,500 complaints about barking dogs over the past two years.

Here's the rest of the article from news.com.au - http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,24019986-3102,00.html

Community Services councillor Geraldine Knapp said the council still had to evaluate the results of the trials but anticipated a favourable outcome."I think they are a fantastic idea and I think that's the way everyone is going to go," she said.

The collars keep track of the barking and whether further action is warranted. That could include dog obedience classes or, in extreme cases, removal. Cr Knapp said she was confident the collars would prove effective in reducing complaints.

Ipswich City Council also is investigating if the collars have legal status."If it works legally, the days of bad barking dogs are numbered," Mayor Paul Pisasale said. "The collars won't stop the dogs barking, but they provide irrefutable evidence so owners can take the necessary steps to control their dogs' barking. "They also can prove that frivolous or vexatious complaints are false."

What do you think about the collars?


Caroline said...

I don't think collars are a good idea to stop dogs from barking. It doesn't solve the problem. Dogs mostly bark because they are bored.

Some breeds are inherently guard dogs so putting a collar on a Dobermann for instance would be like punishing the dog for doing his job.

I'm sure there are cases where the dog needs some behaviour therapy, but not by using a collar!

Anonymous said...

The collars don't correct the dog's behaviour nor do they harm the dog. There is no spray, no jolt. Nothing! They simply record data that shows when and how often the dog barks. This information can then be used to work out why the dog barks and then the dog's behaviour can be modified. It also shows the dog's owner that "yes, your dog does create a nuisance and we can prove it". This is the main problem with dog owners who refuse to believe that their dog barks.

Caroline said...

I should have read more carefully...

I totally understand about identifying the problem barkers, but I hope the council also provides further support to dog owners who have been identified, so they understand their options as to what "necessary steps they can take" to solve the problem.

So many dogs get dumped at the pound and put down because their owners can't deal with their dog's behavioural problems...

Owners need to look at how they can spend more time with their dog, exercise their pets more... an active dog is a happy dog. Less barking.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the collars will prevent nosey neighbours complaining about your dog. Our next door neighbour is a cranky old lady who absolutely hates our dog for no apparent reason. She's complained about him barking too much on a few occasions - but he barely makes a noise!

If the collars can provide cold, hard proof that Hooch doesn't bark much, maybe our neighbour will stop her whinging!