Aug 27, 2008

Lily's Story

G'day Dog Lovers,

Today I was sent a very sad story by the good people at the Pets Haven Pro Life Animal Shelter in Woodend, Victoria.

The story is about Lily, a Golden Retriever who has been through more than her fair share of tough times. Lily was used as a backyard breeding dog and forced to produce litter after litter of puppies. Then, when her owner moved out of his rental property, he left Lily behind. This poor dog was left alone for days without food and water before a neighbour realised the situation and began caring for Lily. It's probably a good point to mention that Lily is also blind.

However, the neighbour could not keep Lily and she ended up at the local pound, from where she was rescued by Trish Burke from Pets Haven:
"The morning I was driving to pick up Lily, I called a beautiful friend of mine and broke down crying as I had never rescued a totally blind dog before and I did not know how Lily would accept me or how I could provide for her. Some words of encouragement were given to me; 'Even though Lily cannot see, she will feel your heart and know that she is safe'. Well, when I saw Lily and held her, I was more than sure that she felt every single beat of my heart and we immediately fell in love.

"Instead of taking Lily to our shelter I took her straight home and introduced her to my two children, to whom she immediately gave many kisses. Lily maneuvered around my house as though she had lived there all her life; she was and is quite amazing."

Lily was taken to an eye specialist where it was found that she had Glaucoma and would never be able to see again. Her eyes were also causing her to be in constant pain, and it was decided that the best thing to do was to have them both removed.

But when the vet opened Lily up for the surgery, it was also found that the poor dog had advanced breast cancer! Due to the prolonged length of the surgery required to remove the cancer, there was a chance that Lily would die. But...after six-and-a-half hours of surgery this amazing dog pulled through.

Lily's recovery continues...

For her full story and pics, follow this link -

For more info about the excellent work done by the people at Pets Haven, log on to


Anonymous said...

Poor Lily!

She's been through so much...if I could only get my hands on the owner who abandoned her!

Thanks for sharing this amazing story

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...That poor dog!! I own a Golden Retriever and they are such a loving dog, and for one to be treated this way is shocking! No dog should have to go through that much pain and suffering in their life!! It is so great that Lily has been rescued and is now well look after, so she can enjoy the rest of her life! Her previos owner should be caught and jailed for a long time!! I saw the pictures of Lily and she is such a beautiful dog and i can't beleive some person treat her that way!

I wish Lily a healthy and happy life!!!

Madi97 said...

that sounds sooooooo horrible i think that person who owned Lily should b fined or sent 2 jail that is horrible my friend Taylah has a golden retreiver and he's such a beautifal animal and i've met other golden retreivers and their such big hearted dogs i don't like the word hate but i Hate the person who did that but sometimes people can't take care of their animals soi really shouldn't say that but still thats........ so ......... MEAN!!!