Oct 9, 2008

Mosquito Repellent

G'day Dog Lovers,

Summer is on the way - and it's the perfect time of year for a BBQ or three. There's nothing better than sitting outside at dusk, with the smell of sausages sizzling making you drool, and your four-legged friend lying at your feet keeping you company.

Unfortunately, it also means that there are tons of mozzies on the prowl just waiting to make a nuisance of themselves. Yesterday I got a forwarded email that claimed Listerine mouthwash works excellently as a mosquito repellent. Apparently, if you fill a spray bottle with the green stuff and then use it whenever you see mozzies around - it takes care of them.

So I thought I'd send out the question to all you dog lovers. Has anyone tried Listerine as a mosquito repellent? Did it work or is it just another urban myth? I'm thinking I might have to try it out over the weekend - any excuse to have a BBQ!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

I tried this one a few years back. Seemed to work a little bit but I didn't think it was effective at keeping the mozzies away as Aeroguard or something similar. I wonder if anyone else has tried it?

Anonymous said...

hey, i heard that geraniums work particularly well, if planted near doors and windows. never heard about listerine though! lol maybe it was being squirted they didnt like, being so small... i'll look up some others for ya, k? cheers!

jacquiak said...

I'm actually wondering if there is a 'dog safe' mozzie repellent available out there as our pups kennel seems overrun with them at the moment!

Any recommendations?