Nov 13, 2008

Animal Cruelty Fine Increased

G'day Dog Lovers,

I thought I'd copy and paste a media release for you from RSPCA Qld. It's about an increase in fines for the perpetrators of animal cruelty - I thought it was appropriate given the recent case of Peanut, the Fox Terrier in Queensland who was brutally tortured...

Increase in fines for animal cruelty

RSPCA Qld has applauded the decision of the State Government to increase the fines for animal cruelty.

In State Parliament today, Hon Tim Mulherin, Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries said that the maximum fine for cruelty to animals will jump from $75,000 to $100,000 for an individual and from $375,000 to $500,000 for a corporation. For breach of duty of care, (failing to provide adequate living conditions, veterinary treatment, food and water etc), the maximum fine will increase from $22,500 to $30,000 for an individual, and from $112,500 to $150,000 for a corporation. The maximum prison term for cruelty remains at 2 years' jail and for breach of duty one years' jail.

“Hopefully it will act as a deterrent,” said RSPCA Qld spokesman Michael Beatty. “However our principal goal must be to persuade Magistrates to use the penalties they have at their disposal. There is also the issue of collecting the fines. At the moment RSPCA Qld is owed close to $400,000 in unpaid fines. That money could make an enormous difference to the animals in our care.”


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I personally think they deserve a higher fine but so far so good!

Anonymous said...

As suggested by the RSPCA rep, perhaps the maximum fine isn't the issue. The courts need to start enforcing the fines they issue and perhaps increasing the minimum fine payable would be more useful. The threat of a minimum fine of say $10,000 (which for most people means bankruptcy and all its associated conditions)and jail time, rather than just a couple of hundred and a smack on the wrist might have more of an impact.