Nov 3, 2008

Dogs in the Solomon Islands

G'day Dog Lovers,

Today I thought I'd post you a link to an article about dogs in the Solomon Islands.

I found this article to be a pretty interesting read for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it opened my eyes to what it's like in a country that has a completely different attitude to dogs than we do in Australia. Such beliefs as dogs must stay outside and are rarely taken to the vet when sick are commonplace in the Solomon Islands, but to someone like me sound bizarre.

The second thing that came to my attention was the problem of stray dogs in the Solomons. There are no shelters or animal rescue organisations to speak of, and many citizens have a very negative attitude towards the strays. One example is the gentleman quoted in the story, who collects stones to shoot the dogs at night when they come onto his property.

I'm wondering if any of you Dogs Life readers have any information about the stray dog situation in the Solomons - I have heard very little about it, so I'd like to know if anyone else can give me any more details?

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Anonymous said...

I spent time on the outer islands of Vanuatu and they seemed to have a similar view of dogs in their society. Dogs live outside and not as pets, vet care is non-existent and they pretty much scavenge to eat.

But the dogs I saw seemed to be living in many ways a much more fulfilled existence then any modern dog.

"They live an exciting life of dirt and stink in their giant, never ending backyard..."