Dec 18, 2008


G'day Dog Lovers,

Can you believe that Christmas is only one week away? I certainly can't - I know it's a cliche but this year seems to have really flown by.

Tomorrow is my last day in the office (a good day for a tasty Christmas lunch) before having a week of holidays. I'll be spending my time soaking up some sunshine on the sunny NSW North Coast. Max the six-year-old Labrador and I have already pencilled in plenty of time at the beach - running, swimming and sniffing all the different bits of seaweed we come across! I still have to get Max a Christmas present...any ideas as to what I should get him?

I'm sure I'll also end up eating way too much (as per usual). On Christmas afternoon you can usually find me lying flat on my back in the sun somewhere, sporting a contented smile and a belly as big as one you'd usually see on a heavily pregnant woman. Though I overfeed myself, I have to be careful not to spoil Max too much.

Anyway, whatever you're doing over the Christmas period, make sure it's safe and fun. And don't forget your dog when you're doing your last minute Chrissie shopping.

Merry Christmas

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Anonymous said...

The one rule I have for Chelsea and Shiloh, is no ham... it contains an incredible amount of salt and preservatives....other than that they chill and relax...

Have a merry Christmas