Jan 15, 2009

Rental Crisis Affects Our Pets

G'day Dog Lovers,

Take a look at the media release below from RSPCA Qld - it's about how difficult it is to find pet-friendly accommodation in the current rental market. Sadly, more and more animals are being abandoned as a result.


Increasing restrictions on pets at private and council caravan parks, picnic spots, parks and beaches are placing even more pressure on RSPCA Shelters.

“These restrictions particularly affect the so called “grey nomads,” said RSCA Qld spokesman Michael Beatty. “Many of them take to the open road in their caravans with their pets, only to find that the local “no pets” policies make their lives all but impossible. By and large these people are highly responsible pet owners who want their pets with them because they’re part of the family. There will always be a very small minority who do the wrong thing but why should the majority suffer. Education is the key, not blanket bans.”

In Europe, the United States and Canada, pets are part of the country’s social fabric and accepted members of the community. Consequently the animals are more socialised and cause fewer problems.

RSPCA Qld is also bearing the brunt of the economic crisis with many people being forced to move or downsize and then finding they cannot get pet friendly accommodation.

“Landlords and Body Corporates are imposing more and more restrictions on potential tenants for the simple reason that they can”, continued Mr Beatty. “The sad thing is that there are very simple ways to ensure that animals and their owners do not abuse the property. Simple agreements can be drawn up and we advise all pet owners looking for accommodation to make certain they have written references attesting to their pets’ behaviour and cleanliness. Landlords can arrange an interview with the animal and family so they can see for themselves the animal is safe and clean and the owners responsible. But generally people who look after their pets are more likely to look after the property. It shows they have responsibility.”

The problem is State wide and by no means restricted to Brisbane. The irony is that a recent study showed that “pet friendly” apartments and town houses sold for up to 25% more than non pet friendly real estate. New apartment buildings are being constructed with pet friendly features and people wishing to downsize and take their pets are taking advantage of the trend.

“There simply aren’t enough of them,” continued Mr Beatty. “We would urge landlords to have compassion. Many families are devastated when they have to give up beloved pets that have been part of the family for years. The RSPCA has sample pet agreement pamphlets that will help landlords and tenants. Responsible pet owners make responsible tenants.”


Barking Mad Equity for Pet Owners said...

Finally, a 'known' organisation admitting one CAUSE of pet surrender. But what are they doing about it?

Responsible pet owners shouldn't have to PROVE the worth of their pet or BEG to have a pet in a rental. The tenancy and nuisance laws are enough to cover potential problems.

The problem is again back to the dog owner as their own worst enemy. The more we accept ‘one more dog park’, or one pet-friendly cafĂ©, or search forever for pet-friendly rental, the more we’ll get crumbs!

The MAJORITY of homes have pet. That’s more than 60%, compared to about 30% with children. Yet in most areas playgrounds outnumber dog exercise areas by a factor of TEN to ONE. And we allow it.

Can you imagine the fishing industry without a national lobby group? Did you know that the pet industry is larger than the fishing and forestry industries combined? Yet, pet owners are not a lobby force – yet. Please support Barking Mad if you are a responsible pet owner.

Another fact, as seen in this article by the RSPCA QLD is that we prefer to rescue. It’s more tangible than mounting a national political campaign and introducing bills that support pet ownership. But at what long term cost? I ask the RSPCA to support Barking Mad – the only lobby group in Australia representing responsible pet OWNERS.

Anonymous said...

Also, the largest demographic of dog owners is families with children.