Mar 26, 2009

Blind man and his guide dog barred from cafe

Hi pet lovers!

Have you all heard about the cafe manager in Highgate, WA, who turned away a blind man and his guide dog last week? If not, click here for the full story…

A representative from Guide Dogs WA has since contacted the café proprietor to explain that guide dogs are allowed in all public places and refusing entry to a person with an impairment is an offence under the Equal Opportunities Act.

However, when contacted by the Guardian Express, a community newspaper in WA, the owner said that he was not aware of the incident and denied that he had spoken to anyone from Guide Dogs WA.

Damien Andreou, the man who was turned away from the café, has also decided to take matter further, contacting his local member and lodging a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission. “I’m not coming forward because I want compensation, I just don’t want this happening to other visually impaired people,” Andreou told the Guardian Express. “Jenkins has enabled me to live an independent life and it feels like a slap in the face when this is denied me.”

Do you know of anyone who has been in a similar situation? We’d love to hear your stories or general thoughts…

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Anonymous said...

Would you like to hear the other side of the story? Don't be so fast to judge if you do not have all the facts. Please go to the story, Nick apologises to patron for misunderstanding then maybe you won't be so quick to judge before you have all the facts instead of a one sided story.