Apr 9, 2009

Dogs can join in the Easter fun too!

Your pooch may not be able to enjoy creamy chocolate eggs like the rest of the family, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the fun.

The Hawthorne Animal Hospital in Illinois, U.S., has come up with a novel way to include their furry friends in the Easter festivities – holding a Canine Easter Egg Hunt. This year, more than 100 dogs of all different ages, breeds and sizes participated in the fundraising event for a local animal charity, many of them veterans of the four-year-old event. "We come back every year," Priscilla Briggs of Granite City tells STLtoday.com, while her two poochs take a breather nearby. "They just like to go out and have fun."

Rather than chocolate eggs, candy-coloured plastic eggs containing doggy treats were used. When found by the dogs, the plastic eggs were picked up by their owners for their dogs to enjoy after the hunt. However, the main goal was to sniff out the “surprise egg”, with the winner receiving a gift basket with toys and a flea treatment.

Anyway, we think it’s a top idea – why not try holding your own doggy Easter Egg hunt with your furry friends this Easter?

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And, from the Dogs Life team, have a paw-tastic and safe Easter!

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