Apr 17, 2009

Pinta Urgently Needs a Loving Home

G'day Dog Lovers,

This is Pinta. She's a young Rhodesian Ridgeback x Staffy who urgently needs a loving home.

This poor dog has had a horrible life - she has spent nearly all of her life chained up where she was unloved, continually fending off attacks from a neighbourhood Rottweiler, and destined for a life as a pig hunting dog.

Luckily, she was rescued from this hell and ended up at Margo's Animal Sanctuary in Queensland. Pinta is full of energy and has plenty of love to share with a caring owner, so she needs a new home! Can you help?

Pinta will be suited to a family with children preferably over 12 or 14 years old. Strong, high fences, no cats, no farm animals, no small dogs or no small children. She'll make the perfect loyal, loving family companion.

If you think you might be able to offer Pinta a new home, get in touch with Margo. Email margoinc@bigpond.com or log on to www.margosanimalsanctuary.com.au


Anonymous said...

C'mon all you Queenslanders! There must be someone up there who can take on this poor dog.

Carol said...

i hope she can findan owner who will treat her well and love her like she deserves. pinta you are a gorgeous girl!

Rehome Animals said...

I'll shoot Pinta's details out to some people I know and see if I cant help find her a deserving home