May 21, 2009

Upcoming events for you and your pooch

Hi pet lovers!

Looking for something to do with your furry family members, but are coming up with a blank? Well, the Companion Dog Club - an initiative of DOGS Victoria - has a bunch of great events coming up that all dog lovers in Victoria shouldn't miss!

Here are some of the upcoming events on the Companion Dog Club calendar:

  • Thursday 28th May - KCC Park, State Dog Centre in Skye: Walk and Talk night - Learn about the rights and responsibilities of dog owners at this fun and informative night.
  • Saturday 30th May - Tuck's Ridge Vineyard in Red Hill: Wine (and Dog Biscuit) Tasting – Sit back, relax, taste a drop of tasty wine (or bickies for our four-legged friends) and enjoy friendly conversation. People who wish to attend should RSVP, so that the club can ensure that there is enough wine and dog bickies to go around!
  • Friday 5th June - Rhyll Fishing Park in RHYLL: Phillip Island Walk and Talk night - Find out about the latest trends in furry fashion when the club hosts their Winter Warmer Fashion Show “When Fur Just Isn’t Enough”.
To find out more about the Companion Dog Club and other great events that are coming up, click here.


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