Jul 2, 2009

The Amazing Story of Berry the Chihuahua

G'day Dog Lovers,

Have you heard about Berry the Chihuahua? This tiny dog is said to have as many lives as a cat, after she has survived countless scrapes throughout her life.

The most dramatic of these occurred when one of Berry's closest friends, a 900kg Clydesdale called Leroy, accidentally stepped on her. The poor dog was flattened and in a lot of pain, and the local vet offered to put her down.

Instead, Berry's owner took her home to die, expecting her to pass away in the night. But somehow Berry survived, getting up the next morning to eat the other dog's breakfast.

This is just the latest in a series of scares for Berry, who used to live with an elderly woman who suffered from dementia and forgot to feed her. Berry has also survived pancreatitis, a bowel operation after swallowing a disposable nappy, a broken tail and a fractured nose.

She's even got a knee reconstruction coming up but is still showing no signs of slowing down. What a survivor!

Read the full story here - http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25715964-2862,00.html


Anonymous said...

wow - what a survivor! but that's chihuahuas for you. they think their much bigger than they actually are. classic case of small dog syndrome!!

Anonymous said...

wow!!! berry is a little tacker, but sure is a Strong fighter!!
Small dog syndrome. Berry is a classic case of it!