Jul 21, 2009

Dogs Life Raises Money for the Lort Smith Animal Hospital

G'day Dog Lovers,

Dogs Life is aiming to raise $500 for Lort Smith Animal Hospital as part of the Party For Strays campaign.

largest animal hospital in the Southern Hemisphere, the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, and its re-homing shelter.

Every year Lort Smith helps over 100,000 animals, providing medical and emergency care to the much loved pets of people in crisis and in need. As a not for profit animal hospital that receives no government funding, donations enable them to help the many animals that have been victims of neglect, and sometimes cruelty, that also come through the Hospital doors.

Their shelters work tirelessly to re-home thousands of animals every year and they work in partnership with other animal welfare organisations, striving towards a common goal of minimising pet euthanasia. Lort Smith survives through the generosity of its supporters.

To help us raise our target of $500 for Lort Smith Animal Hospital, log on to www.partyforstrays.com and click on the 'Donate to a party animal' link. Find the Dogs Life Magazine profile in the list of party animals and then click 'Donate'. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

So come on, dog lovers! Get behind this great cause!

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