Aug 28, 2009

Animal Shelter Vandalised

G'day Dog Lovers,

Every now and then something happens that makes you question what is wrong with the world. Sadly, last weekend such an event happened at Peninsula Animal Aid in Clontarf when their shelter was devastated by vandals.
Windows were smashed, window grills ripped off the building, internal doors bashed in and demolished, and filing cabinets destroyed when vandals ran amok in the administration block, storage areas and cattery. The culprits also extensively damaged part of a newly-constructed colorbond fence and the shelter’s van was ransacked. Thankfully, no animals were hurt. Read the full story here -
What sort of scumbags would do something like this? Vandalism of this kind is senseless at the best of times, but to do it to an animal shelter? Come on! What sort of senseless halfwit gets enjoyment out of that sort of thing?
The attack has devastated the caring volunteer staff of Peninsula Animal Aid, who donate so much of their own time to re-home unwanted animals. The local community has been outraged by the incident, with local businesses rallying to support the shelter. Northstar Motor Group have already donated a new van to the shelter and work is being done to put together a fundraiser for the shelter.
Even before the attack, shelters like Peninsula Animal Aid can always do with donations. You can donate via their website at

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dogslife,

I am in disgrace. What these people get out of doing such an unfair and stupid thing, I wouldn't have a clue. They ought to be taught a right lesson. I'm sure they would not appreciate someone walking into there home and trashing it.
Justice ought to be served

As I am a regular reader and visitor to the DL website,and have posted comments on previous issues, I wish I could get down there and help out!
I am only 14 but I wish to give my dedication and love for the animal world when I am older.

Thanks DOGS life,

Paige, VIC