Aug 13, 2009

Seeing Eye Dogs - Puppy Carers Needed

G'day Dog Lovers,

Being a Seeing Eye Dog puppy carer is one of the most enjoyable ways to volunteer.

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia is urgently in need of loving homes for puppies in and around Melbourne. You can experience the joy of looking after a cute puppy without any of the associated costs and, at the same time, assist someone who is blind to live the life they choose.

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia is a division of Vision Australia. To find out more call (03) 9381 6400 or visit today.

What is Puppy Caring?
The puppy caring program requires volunteers to care for a puppy in their home from the age of 8 weeks until they are approximately 12-18 months of age. Under the guidance of a SEDA puppy supervisor, puppies are taught basic obedience, house manners, socialised and trained to walk on lead in a relaxed manner with many of the commands they will use as a fully trained Seeing Eye Dog. Carers are visited regularly at home by their supervisor to provide guidance in training and caring for their puppy. Puppy caring is a very rewarding experience and SEDA couldn't run without them.

Puppy Carers are one of the most important parts of SEDA. It takes a lot of dedication and patience at times to raise a seeing eye puppy but it is also very rewarding to see the final outcome and the joy and independence they can give a person who is blind or has low vision.
Puppy Carers know and understand that they are helping to give SEDA's clients the freedom of mobility and that they carry a large responsibility to prepare the pup for its intended role.
If you feel that you can help in this important role, call SEDA today.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'd be able to give a puppy up after id been raising it for a year! that would be so hard to do...but i suppose if it's for a good cause.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what the difference is between a guide dog and a seeing eye dog?

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