Sep 29, 2009

Global Pet Gallery

G'day Dog Lovers,

If someone in your family set a Guinness World Record you would tell everyone right?
Well now every Proud Pet Parent. can do exactly that, make their pet a celebrity by uploading their photo as part of Global Pet Gallery's Guinness World Record attempt.

Global Pet Gallery is attempting to break a Guinness World Record for the largest photo mosaic in the world by using individual pet photos. All pets can be uploaded including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles and even monkeys.

Global Pet Gallery was launched earlier this month by pet-loving friends Samantha & Chad and Proud Pet Parents. can now enter their pet into a Guinness World Record attempt simply by uploading their pet's photo to and making them a celebrity!

Actor and AFI Winner, Stephen Curry was ordered by his Tabby cat, GAYLORD (as in Focker from the movie Meet The Parents) to get involved with this initiative. Stephen states, "Gaylord wanted to help his fellow animal friends following his recent guilt at dragging a live pigeon into the lounge room to set it free. So he asked me if we could support Global Pet Gallery and be part of this Guinness World Record attempt."

Actor/Comedian Cameron Knight has already uploaded his Ridgeback X Bullmastiff dog SAMSON. Cameron said "I love Samson, like a child I am told, and would not want him to miss the opportunity of being a part of setting a Guinness World Record. Samson is registered as 77th in this Guinness world record attempt. How brilliant is it that at the same time I registered Samson, I got to show my support for animals in need."

Global Pet Gallery is a not-for-profit project that supports several animal charities. Every Proud Pet Parent. who uploads their pet will receive, for $24.95, their Pet's Celebrity Pack, which includes a certificate for their pet's entry (detailing the name of their pet, their pet.s photo and their pet's world record Unique ID number), pet celebrity goodies plus a fridge magnet set AND voting rights to indicate what share of Global Pet Gallery's proceeds should be directed to each charity.

Proceeds from this Guinness World Record attempt will be shared between the RSPCA, Wildlife Warriors, WSPA, Animal Welfare League, Lost Dogs' Home, Cat Rescue, Project Hope for Horses, Free the Bears, Doggie Rescue and Sea Shepherd.

Global Pet Gallery plan on holding this Guinness World Record attempt within 12 months but it may be sooner, depending on how quickly they get your pet's photo uploaded. Currently Global Pet Gallery need more than 112,750 photos to beat the standing Guinness World Record.


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