Sep 4, 2009

IAMS Home For The Holiday

G'day Dog Lovers,

Recognised as one of the world’s largest pet adoption campaigns, Iams Home for the Holidays (IH4TH) focuses on driving pet lovers into shelters to adopt a pet and help decrease the alarming incidence of pet euthanasia.

Since 1999 over 3500 shelters in North America have participated to achieve in excess of 3 million pet adoptions. In 2008 the campaign achieved over 1,200,000 pet adoptions and in 2009 the program is actively extending to Australia to achieve a global record of 1.5 million pet adoptions.

Beginning October 1 through to January 2010 animal shelters throughout New South Wales and Victoria will make it their mission to reduce the number of orphaned pets globally by joining forces with 4,000 others around the world to help place orphaned pets into homes.

Shelters in New South Wales and Victoria will be opening their doors as part of the annual program which sees Australia’s involvement for the first time. The campaign highlights the plight of abandoned pets and calls upon Australians to give pets happy, permanent homes. Pet lovers can go to to find out about participating shelters in their area.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a great idea to me!