Oct 20, 2009

Dangerous Dogs

G'day Dog Lovers,

With the latest attack by a Pit Bull Terrier over the weekend, the media is once again starting to work itself into a frenzy over Dangerous Dogs laws. Hugh Wirth, President of RSPCA Victoria, has called for a national approach to eliminating breeds classified as dangerous.

He says that laws in all states aimed at controlling and eventually eliminating such breeds were failing and being openly flouted by illegal breeders, who were selling dangerous dogs across state borders. "They are still being bred, which is illegal, and still being openly advertised for sale," he told The Australian.

Wirth went on to claim that the failure of dangerous dog laws meant states should now consider banning Pit Bulls, which would mean the mass euthanisation of all such dogs in Australia, he said.

That is a pretty alarming statement and I definitely don't think it's the right way to go about reducing dog attacks. Whatever happened to "punish the deed not the breed"? Are there any owners of breeds out there who have a reputation (whether deserved or not) as being dangerous that are worried their breed will be next?


Pups for sale said...

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Saving Pets said...

Hugh was talking out of turn in a big way - Lynn Bradshaw's (RSPCA President) response against BSL can be seen here:


Interestingly tho, the number of times Hugh Wirth was quoted calling pit bulls ‘timebombs’ on online news websites was: 32

The number of times the Lynn Bradshaw was quoted: 2

Boo Australian media – BOOOO!

Anonymous said...

About the dangerous dog laws.... What a crock!!! I have owned rottweilers my whole life and never once have they shown any aggression towards any one.. As a responsible dog owner.. I have socialised and trained all of my dogs at a very young age and the rottweiller I own at the moment..George.. her best friend is a pug and they get along fine.. She knows to be gentle with him because he is smaller.. She also treats our older dog with the respect and care that he needs and deserves.. Maybe the owners of dogs that have attacked need to be looked at.. There is nothing stopping anyone from buying any dog they want and treating it however they want behind closed doors.. My local council allowed me to register my dog when I was fourteen.. No questions asked.. Dogs are what their owners make them to be..

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