Nov 20, 2009

Dogs Life Social Network Up and Running

G'day Dog Lovers,

I'm very excited to announce that the Dogs Life social network is now up and running! Think of it like your favourite magazine's very own Facebook - you can chat with other dog owners, share stories, pictures and videos, and make connections all over Australia and the world.

To sign up, head to or just head to the Dogs Life homepage ( and click on the "Join Our Social Network" link.


peet said...

and just to add some spice to your new socio-media network, you might wanna check this out: petpalsdirect is running a competition for dog owners and dog lovers, alike. basically, they’re givin away free 5th generation ipods (8gb ipods) to pet owners simply by uploading pictures of their pet dogs, cats etc onto their facebook page:
you need to add their facebook page as a fan first, obviously. check it out! the first draw’s already done and the next one is just before christmas.

oleg said...

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