Nov 17, 2009

Licensing For Dog Owners

G'day Dog Lovers,

I've heard plenty of people say that you should need a licence to take on the responsibility of dog ownership, but has anyone ever given the idea much thought? I think licensing dog owners would be a great way to ensure that Aussie dogs are looked after.

Think about it - so many dogs are dumped because their owners didn't fully understand what they were getting themselves into when they got a dog. They may get bored with their pet, fail to feed or exercise it properly, or not provide the love and attention every dog deserves. So, sadly, they abandon their dog. In order to get a dog licence, prospective owners would have to undergo education to get a full understanding of the overall commitment owning a dog involves.

This would also put a stop to poorly-trained, unsocialised dogs acting aggressively, and would get rid of irresponsible owners who don't clean up after their pooch or don't keep it on a leash when in public.

What do you think? Should people be forced to get a licence to own a dog?


Silas said...

Excellent idea! I'm sure the number of dog attacks would be greatly reduced as well because, 99 times out of 100, these attacks are the fault of irresponsible owners rather than aggressive dogs.

I think a licensing system could have huge benefits for the welfare of Australian dogs - I don't know how you could go about getting something like this off the ground tho.

shawna said...

it would be great. our rescued dog has issues with other animals becuase she wasn't raised properly (they got her purely for breeding then she was dumped). our neighbour's have a 8-10 month old puppy that you can tell they now think is more of a hassle than fun because i don't think they realized how much it takes to raise a dog properly (and now they lock him down the side of the house when they don't feel like having him around)