Dec 17, 2009

What are you getting your dog for Christmas?

G'day Dog Lovers,

It's just 8 more sleeps until Santa arrives with his sack of presents and I'm starting to get as excited as a little kid. I can't wait to see what pressies I get this year.

My dog Max is the same. Maybe it's just me, but I reckon he can sense when Christmas is coming. Maybe it's all the family being around or maybe it's just something in the air, but he's always particularly happy and full of life around this time of year.

We always make a point of getting him a present each year so he has something to unwrap and enjoy on the day. In the past, food presents like bones and tasty treats have usually been the way to go...but after his nasty bout of pancreatitis earlier in the year we have to be very careful about what he eats.

So this year he's getting a brand-spanking-new tug toy. It might not be the fanciest toy going around, but I'm sure it'll give us hours and hours of enjoyment.

What are you getting your dog for Christmas?


Gwen said...

a big bone. You should see his eyes light up when we bring it out.

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