Jan 14, 2010

Breeds for the elderly

G'day Dog Lovers,

A friend of my family who is getting on a bit in age is looking for a dog to be her companion. She is over 80, lives alone and wants a lap dog to keep her company.

She is still reasonably active for a person of her age but doesn't want a dog that requires a great deal of exercise. I've been helping her do some research to try to discover what breed will suit her lifestyle best.

It's pretty confusing with so many breeds out there being promoted as making perfect companions for senior citizens. So I thought I'd throw the question open to you - in your experience, what breeds make the best lap dogs for seniors?


Juzzy said...

Cavalier King charles would be my pick hands down. I don't know what my dad would have done when mum passed if it hadn't been for his Cav. Such a gentle and loving dog!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think that a Maltese or a Yorkie would be excellent. They are both very cuddly dog and are classified as very small dogs which are perfect for the elderly. Both are very affectionate and easily taken care of since they are such tiny dogs. Besides, they can easily be carried by the elderly for they are very light.

Anonymous said...

I can highly recommend Maltese from what I've seen. I know a few older ladies who've owned them over the years and they all adore their little fluffy friends.

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