Nov 24, 2010 roadshow

G'day dog lovers,

New dog care website has launched a colossal Australia-wide challenge to find out exactly how much Australians "heart" their dogs, with a travelling dog pod roadshow that will visit more than 200 dog parks on the eastern seaboard.

The dog pod team will travel from town to town inviting dog owners to take the "heart your dog" challenge while providing them with tips on how they can love their dogs more... as well as the chance to win a share of over $20,000 in prizes!

This weekend the dog pod roadshow will be in
Friday 26th November
ANZAC Park, Toowong 3-5pm
Monoplane St Park, Ashgrove 5-7pm

Saturday 27th November
Elanora Park, Wynnum 9am-12pm

Sunday 28th November
Victoria Park, Spring Hill 10am-12pm
Obedience Dog Club of Brisbane, Oxley 8am-10am

Saturday 27th November
Salisbury Park, Salisbury 8am-10am
Canterbury Reserve, Canterbury Dve, Salisbury Heights 10am-12pm
Jenkins Reserve, Salisbury Park 2pm-4pm
Happy Home Reserve, Waterloo Corner Rd, Salisbury North 4pm-6pm

Sunday 28th November
Unley Oval, Unley 8am-10am
North Unley Play Park, North Unley 10am-12pm


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