Jan 21, 2008

Naughty dogs!

My family has been visiting for a few weeks over Christmas and New Year's and therefore, I have not been able to spend much quality time with my dogs. It seems Logan and Chase have had enough of my busy schedule!

Over the weekend, we returned home from a night out and discovered a mess all over the living room floor. Logan, my eldest Doberman, was standing at the kitchen door - as if spooked - with his "wasn't me" expression. Chase was "sleeping" on our bed; he didn't come to greet us at the door. Hmmm. Hubby and I both knew there was no point in scolding them. We had to have caught them in the act.

I was so surprised at their behaviour, as this is really not like them. What shocked me most was that my dogs' destructive 'message' was directed at me. I believe this because the item they tried to destroy was my camera bag. Why hadn't they gone for hubby's laptop??

I don't know if they actually tried to destroy the bag. I mean, it could have been a simple tug-of-war game. Or had a cockroach tried to get into the bag?! Logan hates cockroaches - he chases them and then kills them with his teeth! YUCK! The culprit could have been Chase - Mr Pig - trying to get at some liver treats I may have forgotten in the side pockets of the bag.

Whoever was involved in creating the mess, thank goodness nothing happened to the camera, nor to the leads and cords that had scattered across the floor. The bag has some teeth marks, but nothing serious. The bag was in worse shape when two dogs competitively peed all over it during a photoshoot!

When I went to bed that night, I sat on the floor, pulled both my furry boys close to me and hugged them for awhile. I promised to pay more attention to them and that I appreciate their friendship. I will need them when I say goodbye to my family next week when they return overseas.

Then I made sure the camera bag was out of paws' reach!


Lane said...

can I tell you about my new boy Viggo... great dane cross ridgeback...gorgeous boy he is but I ask you... why does he think that the hallway is the best spot for pooping???? I have never had a puppy so hard to train.... and can someone help me explain to him that going outside when its cold and dark is ok if you need to go toily??? This fella peed in front of an open door simply because it was darker than when he had been out the previous time... I ask you...!!!!!! But he is a gorgeous boy and I do love him......

all barks said...

These are funny. I have a siberian husky and he seems to give me a story to tell every week with his naughty behaviour.

We recently saw a rat run across our kitchen and behind the fridge. He literally ran right across Tintin's path and he didn't even move. So this led to me buying a mouse trap that once the mouse is inside, a door shuts so that you can release them and so that your dog doesn't eat the poison.

Anyway like usual we went to bed and Tintin went to his bed and really we should of known not to trust him but we did which resulted in getting rudely awaken in the night.

After hearing a crunching sound we woke up to find Tintin on the floor in our bedroom biting apart the mouse trap as to eat the cheese with no mouse to be found. After taking this off him and waking up in the morning we found that as well as the trap being destroyed he had actually caught the mouse and killed it in the kitchen. So much for the mouse trap hey!

I also write a blog as it seems like these stories happen all the time and more!

Check it out....

All Barks