Jan 17, 2008

Top American Breeds

The American Kennel Club lists the top 10 breeds in America.

#10 Bulldog
#9 Shih Tzu
#8 Poodle
#7 Dachshund
#6 Boxer
#5 Beagle
#4 Golden Retriever
#3 German Shepherd
#2 Yorkshire Terrier
#1 Labrador Retriever

I'm disappointed the Dobermann didn't make the list. They are such wonderful family dogs! Doesn't matter what anyone says - my 'Doberboys' Logan and Chase are tops for me!


Taylah said...

im surprised that the border collie didn't make the top ten.. they are pretty darn popular downunder!! No surprise about the lab.. very common!

gordin said...

Why don't put a Shar-pei breed because i have one and he love all children everytime when a walking out he play with the childrens so i think Shar-pei is a good breed