Jan 17, 2008

The REAL fashion victims

Millions of animals face cruel and often violent treatment each year and are needlessly killed for their fur to fuel the fashion industry and fur trade.

A recent Humane Society International (HSI) investigation documented scenes of graphic cruelty, where cats and dogs were slaughtered for the manufacture of fur clothing and accessories sold worldwide.

In 2000, the United State Congress and Australian Government made a decision to ban the import of dog and cat fur. But the European Parliament did not decide to ban the import of dog and cat fur until December 31, 2008.

Still - millions of foxes, rabbits and other furbearers are killed and exploited for their fur.

If you're against fur in fashion, then registration is now open for the Design Against Fur 2008 poster design competition.

The competition, open to young people from across the globle, requires design students to create posters that will encourage compassion for the 50 million animals killed for their fur every year.

The posters should clearly express the message that it is cruel and unnecessary to raise and kill beautiful, innocent animals for their fur - a message that I feel very strongly about. It it is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for our most loyal and trusted, four-legged companions to be treated as commodities for the fur trade and fashion industry.

I urge you all to use your creative skills for a grrreat cause! Let's all work together to have the cruel and brutal fur industry abolished worldwide.

Before you get started, visit http://infurmation.com/daf/2007/daf07.html to check out some of last year's winners.

And for more information on how you can register for Design Against Fur 2008, visit http://www.infurmation.com/daf/2008/daf08.html

Registration closes April 11and entries are to be submitted by April 25. Entries should be addressed to: Shely Bryan, Design Against Fur Europe & International, Humane Society International, PO Box 439, Avalon NSW 2107.

Winning students will receive cash prizes and have their work promoted on various international websites. And don't miss the #90 July/August 2008 edition of Dogs Life magazine, where will will publish this year's winning entry from the Europe & International region (including Australia and New Zealand).

What are your thoughts on the use of fur in fashion? Share your fur-free messages here.

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