Feb 5, 2008

Check out the winning animated e-card!

You may remember our recent Canine Cards competition on the Dogs Life website, where readers were given a chance to see their pooch in an animated e-card.

Readers were asked to send in photos of their dogs and tell us, in 25 words or less, why their pooch would make a great animated e-card character. Congratulations to Cassie Cutajar whose lovable pup, Jess, will feature on the Canine Cards website throughout 2008.

Cassie says her pup Jess has loads of personality - she's sneaky, cheeky and clever too! Cassie says if she places a treat in one hand without Jess seeing, Jess can place her paw on the hand with the dog treat. That's one clever pooch!

Cassie has won a two-year subscription to Canine Cards and now dog lovers across the globe can send the winning e-card, featuring Cassie's pup Jess, to their friends and family. To check out the winning cards, visit the following links:

Welcome to your new puppy!

Happy birthday - Jess and the balloon

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