Feb 20, 2008

Who's causing trouble?

I love all dogs - no matter what breed or size. But I must admit, I have a special place in my heart for big dogs. I grew up with big dogs - my family has owned German Shepherds, Labradors, Anatolian Shepherds, crosses of all sorts of big dogs - and I now own two Dobermanns.

Some people are afraid of big dogs or simply find them a 'nuisance' because they bark loudly and scare off smaller dogs. How ironic, though, that yesterday evening when I was walking my big, boisterous, 'loud' Dobermanns, the only noisemakers in our neighbourhood were the smaller dogs who were jumping at the fence or scratching the windows from inside their homes, barking in a frenzy.

We passed by a teenager sitting on a wall with her little dog - she pulled her dog closer in her lap, probably afraid my dogs would eat the little ball of fluff. Her dog made so much noise that the neighbours came outside, expecting to find a dog fight!

Funny thing is, my dogs stared at the little dog and walked by calmly without a single growl. Who's the 'public nuisance' now?


lauren j said...

i totaly agree with with you. i believe as a smll dog owner that my pooch is the one making all of the fuss, she barks at everything that comes into her sight and just wont stop barking untill she is punished. i dont believe that big dogs should be "labeld"

From Lauren

RACHAEL said...

hi, i to dont believe that large dogs should be labled. ive seen german sheapards that have better personalities than that of a Jack Russell.


Lizzy said...

I totally agree. I was walking my two very large mixed breeds at a leash free park near my house when a little white fluffy dog came over growling and barking and nipping at my dogs legs. My dogs moved off calmly and the owner asked me to grab my dogs as they may hurt her dog. Just because her dog was small doesn't mean it isn't aggressive. I should have been asking her to restrain her dog.

Cheers Lizzy

Anonymous said...

It is so weird how big dogs get that lable. it is normally little dogs that are yappy and snappy my Goldie and Border hav better temperaments then little dogs like Maltese and yorkies. I don't think Goldies are that big but someone walk past me and said "Look at the horse". I laughed, i guess they own Chihuahuas or another small breed. I will always be a big dog person!

Kel said...

I have a half American, half English Staffy. He is named Nugget as like most Staffy's he is stocky and quite strong.
I find it frustrating when I walk Nugget and people will cross the road or avoid going near us because they stereotypically think that he is dangerous and will attack them. Nugget is the most loyal beautiful dog and wouldn’t hurt a fly. He has learnt to sit when people walk past and even then some people will ask me to move him out of their way.
Other dogs have attacked Nugget but he has never even growled at another dog. He currently plays with two 8-week-old puppies, and the three will play and tumble until the pups are ready to sleep. This shows that Staffy’s have a kind heart and just want to please you- like most dogs.
It is hurtful when I see people pulling their dogs away from Nugget because all he wants to do is say Hello.

Anonymous said...

I also had an eng/american staffy who sounds the same as yours. she lived with us and at the time we had 3 other dogs including her daughter. she loved all the dogs and was so placid and wouldnt hurt a fly. well we had to move away and left her and her daughter with my bfs so called friend. who promised to look after them. any way a couple of months past and we were going to get them and the guy said "sorry they ran away last week" but when i rang the pound she told me jess had been put down months ago (when we first left her) I hadnt had the time to change her microchip details and no one could find me any way... she told me that Jess hated other dogs and was to vicious to be rehomed. I asked how that could be because she loved the other dogs and loved any one that would give her attention. her reason was "staffys are known to change like that, thats just the way that they are bred" but I have never had any problems with the breed. I dont know why people think like that especially someone in the industry. I never heard back about her daughter lilly, hopefully she has a nice home somewhere

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with "Who's causing trouble". Almost without fail when I walk my german shepherd along "leashed" walking tracks we are only ever attacked by small dogs off lead. My dogs have all attended obedience training & are well socialised yet I would never allow them to be off lead. Most people we meet walking their big dogs have them on leads, but for some unknown reason a lot of small breed owners think the law doesn't apply to them.


Anonymous said...

My experience has been shared between large and small dogs I use to own English Bull Terriers now my husband & i have a schnauzer & a German Wirehaired Pointer & in addition i groom small fluffies they all are good & bad,no matter what size, every dog must be respected as an animal & they need our guidance attention & love. I have experienced fear from other people towards the Bullies and stupidity from others with dogs off leads i think its ignorance & no education as children that leads to these misunderstandings. I have even had a lady in mortal fear of my 10week old Schnauzer Zaida she had obviously been attacked by another dog, best cure buy a dog go to obedience and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what "anonymous" said! My dog (Golden Retriever) has played with all kinds of dogs at the dog park, from Mastiffs to toy Poodles. And the one that bit him? Scottie Terrier! I'm so sick of the attitude from small dog owners that think all big dogs are vicious and keep their dog away from mine with a horrified look on their face! Any dog, no matter the breed can bark and bite.

Anonymous said...

As an owner of 2 Labs, 1 X Breed and currently 1 Bearded Collie, you can see I like larger dogs, all 4 dogs have been rescued dogs who came to us after been either abused or for 1 thrown from a moving vehicle (was been dumped)by a women. 1 was tortured by young children and the other locked in a cage that it could not even turn around in 24/7, Our 4 babies have not had the best start in life but now are the most loving dogs and as an owner of a business where we see a mixture of all sized dogs these 4 are just precious in there interaction with other dogs. But my problem is the 2 very small dogs x breed that live in our street, that it seems our ranger cant catch, RSPCA cant help either but these dogs are left to roam the streets day and night and attack everyone including very young children, limiting when we can walk our own dogs in fear that they will attack one of them, and who gets the blame for the constant barking......us of course cause our dogs are large so must make that sort of noise. The neighbours all move there children inside when we have just 1 dog on a lead in our front yard......such a shame really that people are so narrow minded and forget so quickly that its harder to get that small jaw off your childs limbs!

Anonymous said...

It is so weird how big dogs get that lable. it is normally little dogs that are yappy and snappy my Goldie and Border hav better temperaments then little dogs like Maltese and yorkies. I don't think Goldies are that big but someone walk past me and said "Look at the horse"
kral oyun