Feb 22, 2008

Animal Welfare Special

The Dogs Life March/April 2008 edition is out this week, prompting many emails to Dogs Life about the Animal Welfare Special.

I am so touched by many of your letters - it is thrilling to read how inspired you are about writing to your Minister and state Attorney General. Tell them about your concern for the protection your state laws give to animals and about the lenient sentences handed down by Courts to people who have been convicted of crimes against animals. If you would like a sample letter, email dogslife@universalmagazines.com.au

You can help to make a difference to the lives of many animals!
Photo by RSPCA Australia


roxy1molly said...

I Think that pet shops need regulations for selling puppy's which should have a list of things the pups been eating what type of coat and grooming it will need and a signed from a vet saying the pup is healthy

Anonymous said...

It is horrible to even think that people would want to hurt innocent animals like dogs and cats.
I do not like to see reports on abused animals and I also do not like to see animals in pet shops either, I find that locking them up in a tiny glass cage all day with people glaring at them is very cruel, they are only small puppies but they are very ebegetic and should be allowed more space to play and run around.
this is a really great topic for dogs life because I really love to hear that some people are trying to make a difference to the abuse and suffering going on. I would like to thank the animal welfare league and RSPCA for all the support and love they give the animals they have taken in and/or saved. I will do all I can to help animal cruelty stop once and for all!