Feb 26, 2008

Petition to ban puppy mills in Australia

I receive an email from a Dogs Life reader, Julia-Anne, who has started a petition to ban puppy mills and backyard breeding. She started the petition after hearing about the seizure of more than 100 dogs in appalling conditions from Waterford Boarding Kennels and Cattery in Brisbane property, in January. I am waiting to hear back from the RSPCA for an update on the dogs and if they have found homes.

I am sure Julia-Anne is not alone in her sadness and anger about the way these poor dogs have been treated. If you also want to fight against puppy mills and backyard breeding, you can sign her petition:



Caroline - Editor said...

I heard back from the RSPCA today about the condition of the dogs and if they will be rehomed.

Apparently, many of the Poodles are out on foster care, but a large number are still at a Qld shelter. They are getting the best of veterinary care and a lot of TLC. They are also multiplying as a number of them were pregnant when they arrived to the RSPCA. So they now have over 130 dogs!

The RPSCA will let the Dogs Life team know as soon as the dogs become available for adoption. I'll be sure to blog so keep your paws on this website! They'll have over 100 dogs to re-home.

Unknown said...

I do not like mills but hate this tterm "back yard breeder". i have been breeding on and off for over thirty years and always did it from home. My dogs are well bred, free of genetic faults and I have not ha da single returned animal or complaint from a new owner. Back yard to me should mean the so called "pedigree " breeders that have managed to bring so mnay breeds to the point of destruction, with the support of their freindly breed or kennel club.