Mar 13, 2008

Helping wildlife

This is not really dog related, but as we have just put out our first ever Animal Welfare Special (March/April 2008 edition), I thought it's good timing.

One of our Dogs Life freelance writers, Jilea Carney, has recently been appointed editor of WIRES publication. Congratulations Jilea! What a coincidence I just found this out as I was searching for a contact number for WIRES so I could donate two bird cages and a computer table I thought would be useful to their volunteers. Jilea passed on their website...

If you'd like to help WIRES - the NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service - or have found an injured wild animal, visit

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Caroline - Editor said...

Jilea is also the editor of a new publication LiveWIRES which looks at every aspect of the care of injured and orphaned wildlife.

Keeping your dog away from areas where there are native animals is essential. You can find out more information about why dogs and wildlife don't mix by reading Jilea's article "Dogs Not Allowed! Protecting the Natural Environment" in the #85 Sept/Oct 2007 edition of Dogs Life.

You can also get a hardcopy of LiveWIRES free by calling WIRES on 1300 094 737 or read online at