Mar 5, 2008

Question for Dr Ark?

I'm preparing to send the next round of questions to our resident vet Dr Michael Archinal from Dogs Life magazine's 'Dr Ark - All Questions Great and Small' segment.

We received one question this morning from a reader, Michelle from NSW, asking if there is a nappy-type product out there for her sickly Basset Hound who is peeing inside the house. Dr Ark's answer will be in the July/Aug 2008 edition...

Thought I ask dog-a-bloggers if you have any health-related questions you want answered? I'll be sending the questions next week. So email your question to if you want the chance to have your question answered.

Please see your vet for any emergencies. It can take a while before Dr Ark responds!

Photo by Dogs Life reader Jaki Newman

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey i love your magizine! my dog is a ridgeback boxer cross and she loves chasing any small animals. Once she chased a kangeroo and has hurt her leg, in someway we are not sure.
She has some strange behaviours, she dose not even eat her dog biscuits. Im in a sad mood because i dont now if she will make it through. From Caitlin BArden (12)