Jul 4, 2008

Strays Birthday - September 1

G'day Dog Lovers,

I'm just passing on some details about a great event that has just been announced...

Strays Birthday will be held on September 1 this year. It is a day to celebrate our own pets by throwing them a birthday party and at the same time raising funds to help rescue and rehome stray dogs and cats.

This important awareness and fundraising campaign is being organised by Lort Smith Animal Hospital and the Animal Welfare League. Pet owners can register online at www.straysbirthday.com, create an online profile for their pet and then use this profile to invite their friends and family to their pets birthday party. Party hosts then raise funds to support, shelter and rehome strays dogs and cats in need.

By holding a birthday party for their pet or making a donation to Strays Birthday, pet owners will assist in raising $200,000 to support the shelter program and help increase the capacity to provide temporary accommodation, care, treatment and find new homes for stray dogs and cats over the coming year.

By becoming involved in Strays Birthday and holding a birthday party or by making a donation, funds raised can provide the following;

· $150 covers the basic cost of accommodation and food for each stray that needs our care
· $300 covers the cost of desexing a stray dog, which must be done before the pet can be rehomed
· $500 will pay for a leg operation to mend a stray dog that has been hit by a car
· $1000 will fund our kitten foster program for a month
· $5000 will provide a weeks worth of emergency boarding for 50 animals caught up in domestic violence
· $10,000 will feed 250 dogs or cats in our shelter for a month
It only takes 15 friends to give a birthday gift of $10 and a stray is saved!

For more details on Strays Birthday, head to www.straysbirthday.com.

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