Jul 9, 2008


G'day Dog Lovers,

I thought I'd tell you about a funny thing that I saw over the weekend. I was playing a game of soccer on Sunday morning and one of the spectators was sitting on the sideline with her dog. The dog looked to be about one year old and I think was a Labrador cross - very cute! The woman was sitting on a camp chair and had her dog's lead tied around the base of the chair.

Anyway, the soccer ball was kicked out over the sideline right past the dog. Forgetting that he was tied up, the pooch took off at top speed after the ball and tipped his owner off her seat. It was like something you'd see on Funniest Home Videos. The poor dog owner was very embarrassed as about 40 or 50 people had just seen her take a tumble, but her dog apologised by giving her a few licks on the face as she lay on the ground.

Has your dog ever made you look silly?

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