Nov 20, 2008

Pound puppy to change little boy's life

G'day Dog Lovers,

Take a look at this media release we received about a great Assistance Dogs program...

Pound puppy to change little boy’s life
When 3-year-old Reilly Paterson from Norman Park in Queensland was diagnosed with high functioning autism spectrum in February this year, his parents, Linda and Tony were naturally overwhelmed.

“In my heart I knew that Reilly did have autism as I’d seen the signs, but when the diagnosis was confirmed by the doctors and psychologist I felt very overwhelmed and upset,” says Reilly’s mum, Linda.

“But we very quickly turned that around and learned all we could about getting on the path to early intervention and about helping Reilly achieve the best possible quality of life.”
And out of sadness, has come happiness and hope in the form of 2-year-old cross breed, Harry who will assist Reilly in his every day life.

Harry is a pound puppy. He was rescued by specialist dog trainers, Craig and Tracey Murray, from Animal Welfare League in Queensland for Aussie Pooch Mobile’s Assistance Dog Program. This wonderful little dog is getting a second chance at life while providing a special little boy a chance to improve his life.

Harry is being taught obedience by both hand signal and verbal command so that Reilly has both tactile and verbal commands to learn. He is also learning a variety of tricks that Reilly can ask him to do, or that Harry’s mum, Linda may use as a reward for good communication skills from Reilly Harry will dramatically improve the quality of Reilly’s life.

Harry’s training will cost $5,500 of which $4000 has been covered through fundraising by Variety Queensland and Aussie Pooch Mobile at the inaugural Doggy Fantastic Camping Weekend held in September this year, with the aim to continue fundraising for the balance.

“Harry will change our lives,” says Linda. “Managing Reilly in the community will become easier and Reilly fell in love with Harry as soon as he met him. We thank Aussie Pooch Mobile every day for giving us the opportunity to have Harry,’ says Linda.

Aussie Pooch Mobile is looking to carry out their Assistance Dog Program throughout each state. If you know of anybody who may benefit, or if you can help in any way please email

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