Nov 25, 2008

The sale of animals in pet shops

G'day Dog Lovers,

In NSW a couple of weeks ago, MP Clover Moore reintroduced the Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill to NSW Parliament. The legislation aims to ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops and markets, and allow only animal rescues and shelters, along with recognised breeders, to sell animals.

It's a pretty hot topic in the pet world at the moment, and one that is being hotly debated. Animal welfare groups are making a strong push for the introduction of the bill, which is being opposed by groups like the Pet Industry Association of Australia and the Australian Veterinary Association.

For more details about the bill, check out this link...

I'd like to know what you guys think about the bill - is it good or bad? Will it achieve Ms Moore's stated aims (cutting out impulse buying and stopping the cruel mass breeding of companion animals)?

Also - keep an eye out for an in-depth article examining the debate about whether or not to ban the sale of animals in pet shops in a future issue of Dogs Life.


Anonymous said...

I think we’re ready for it. Any civilised society looks back on the history of the way it treated its animals with a deep sadness; and I think shipping baby animals like fruit, then selling them from glass boxes to whomever has a whim, will be one of the things that will make future generations ashamed of us.

Dog behaviour experts have been telling us for years that it's not right from a welfare point of view. Now the community is speaking up and saying; we don't support retail sale of pets.

I personally think it's already on the way out; the big pet store chains are already moving away from live pet sales due to consumer demand. Pet shops won’t need to be dragged kicking and screaming by any new legislation, they’ll simply fail to thrive unless they meet the needs of their customers.

The way to make pet stores stop selling pets is simple;
never ever shop at a store that sells pets.

Anonymous said...

I am in support of the new legislation. Of course the industry does not want this bill passed, they all make money out Animals, where as the Shelters & Pounds, make none, most run at a loss & rely solely on the donations of the public to continue to take in these animals.

BAN the sale of puppies & Kittens from pet shops. They are unethical in that they take the puppies & kittens too young. This is a critical time in the socialisation, it's no wonder we have so many animals with behaviour problems in the community.


Anonymous said...

In Germany, we have had a similar law for years. I actually cannot remember dogs in Petshops (although you can still buy cats in petshops - but only a few petshops still sell cats). I do not think that a dog should be in a cage in a pet shop during the most important phase in its life. The socialisation takes place in the first 3 months and during this time their are not many stimuli, just a cage and perhaps some other puppies. We do, however, have the problem of "breeders" coming over the Polish and Netherland borders and sell their sick puppies out of their cars. People take pity on these little pups and are of course told that the pups will be killed when not sold. But then the proud new dog owners end up with skyrocketing vet bills for all sort of treatments and vaccinations. It is better to invest that money in a dog from a proper breeder or take a dog from a shelter. We bought our dog from a very responsible breeder at the age of 8 weeks and she had already had done her first car trips, had been to a school class, had been to the vet and seen some things before we were allowed to take her home (the breeders both cried when we took her with us because they love their dogs that much and we were lucky to be considered worthy to take her!). We took her with us on the tram each morning and she went with me to work in a law office. There is not much that can shock her today (well, plus considering she is a Labrador).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sydney Morning Herald Article on puppy farming

Anonymous said...

I think that the sale of pets in pet shops is wrong. How would you like to be in a glass case or some sort of cage. I mean when you look at some of those puppies they look barely 6 weeks old or the Guinea Pigs with hair loss from what looks like a bad case of mites and when you walk into some pet shops the smell is horrible, yes it's a petshop with animals but no petshop should ever smell like that. NO TO PETS IN PETSHOPS!