Feb 4, 2009

New Website To Help Find Doggy Playmates

G'day Dog Lovers,

I received an email earlier during the week from a Melbourne woman named Britt Smith. She has set up a free website to pair up pooches with playmates while their masters are at work.

dogtree.com.au is a social networking site for man’s best friend. Smith quickly realised the need for a dog-match service after placing an ad for a playmate for her Tibetan terrier, Bearbear.
She received 20 phonecalls from time-poor professionals also seeking a canine pal for their pooch. "Dogs are intelligent creatures and just like us they need stimulation and company, yet we leave them alone all day to go barking mad in the dull backyard. Why aren’t we pairing them up?,’’ Ms Smith says.

"The website allows working people with busy lives to link up online and arrange daytime
playdates for their dogs, or take turns to dog-sit for each other on Friday nights or
a weekend away.’’

Members can search by postcode to find a potential match. The format is similar to
social networking site Facebook, but Ms Smith says dogtree’s purpose is unique.
"The goal of the site is to connect dogs and their owners in real life - in their own
neighbourhood so they can forge friendships for the wellbeing of the animal,’’ she

dogtree.com.au is just starting out at the moment, but let's hope it takes off!

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