Feb 5, 2009

What has your dog eaten that it shouldn't have?

G'day Dog Lovers,

Yesterday I had a call from a friend about her Labrador, Rosie. Rosie had somehow managed to swallow a sock, which had basically clogged up her insides and made her dangerously unwell. A late-night rush to the vet got Rosie medical treatment just in time to save her life.

As Rosie had to be opened up and operated on, the total veterinary costs went well into the thousands of dollars. But more importantly than anything, this hungry pooch will be OK!

However, it did get me thinking about some of the dangerous objects and items that are out there to be swallowed by our dogs. My lab, Max, used to have a bit of a habit of chowing down on clothes pegs - luckily, he grew out of it and never suffered any medical problems.

Has your dog ever swallowed something he shouldn't have and gotten sick? Have any bones, toys, sticks or other items become lodged in your pooch's insides?

I'd love to hear your stories...


Jen said...

One of my dogs ate almost everything labelled 'poisonous' during his younger years. He's 11 years old now and still going strong!
A few of the items were: a terracotta pot (yes, eaten, not just chewed), mosquito coils, wood glue, snail pellets, treated pine planks plus lots of stolen chocolate (ok, this last one even happened as recently as last month. I turned my back for 1 moment while I had the cupboard open and he stole a king sized Snickers bar. He ate it very quietly so that I didnt actually notice until I pulled the wrapper out of his mouth!)

Anonymous said...

Rex, our Labrador, has swallowed bits of clothing in the past. He once stole an old t-shirt off the line and tore it up. Some pretty sizeable pieces of fabric came out in his poo the next day!

Anonymous said...

My friend's dog ate pantyhose when she was younger. the dog was a crossbred and it made her pretty sick. they had to take her to the vet

Anonymous said...

our dog had a similar socks issue. he had to be rushed to the vet and cut open to unclog his insides. he came very close to dying.

it cost stacks of money but we were just glad he survived.