Jun 15, 2009

Keep the winter chills away

Hi pet lovers!

With the winter chill starting to set it, it's important to find ways to stay warm and cosy until the warmer months come back around. And don't forget to pull out those winter warmers for your furry friends - after all, they need to be protected during the winter weather too!

Pet Insurance Australia offers these tips on how to keep your pet snug and sickness-free this winter:


According to Pet Insurance Australia, winter is the most common season for pets to become sick, just as it is for humans. So to keep our furry friends safe during the cooler months, here are some tips from Pet Insurance Australia to ensure a happy and safe season for all:
  • It’s cold outside: Firstly, and most importantly, it’s crucial that pets are not left outside when the temperature drops too low. Cold weather dramatically increases the chances of your pet, becoming hypothermic and much more susceptible to sickness. This is especially so of kittens, puppies and older pets who have a weaker immune system. If it’s necessary for your pet to be outside, ensure they have a warm and dry kennel or cat bed to protect them from the elements and even provide them with a warm outdoors coat.
  • Food glorious food: Make sure you continually monitor your pets eating habits during winter. As the cooler months require cats and dogs to maintain their body heat, more calories and therefore energy must be burnt up during this process so it’s vital that extra food is provided accordingly. This also applies for water consumption – ensure enough water is available and it is not left outside in freezing temperatures.
  • Immunise against illness: Cats and dogs can pick up all kinds of illnesses during the winter season including potentially life threatening diseases. Luckily, good vaccines mean we can immunise against most of these nasty infections so make sure your pet is up to date for routine vaccinations at your local vet and keep your eyes peeled for early warning signs of illness – after all this could mean a difference between life and death.
  • Keep grooming: Pet Insurance Australia also recommends that cats and dogs are groomed continually throughout the winter season to help maintain warmth and body heat, as well as ensuring a healthy looking coat. Make sure you maintain flea control, especially for pets that are regularly indoors where any fleas will be kept warm and active. If your pet gets wet, make sure their fur is dried off completely with a towel or blow dryer – just like us, they can be more susceptible to sickness if they’re left shivering in the cold!

And if you’re still worried about your pet dog or cat over the course of winter, why not ensure they remain fully protected with pet insurance? Visit www.petinsuranceaustralia.com.au to find out more.


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